Product Disposal

Product Disposal

In the recycling industry, product disposal is often the final stage of the recycling process. This process is carried out in order to effectively dispose of waste products without harming the environment and to ensure the recovery of reusable materials.

Waste Separation: First of all, it is determined whether the products to be destroyed are suitable for recycling. Recyclable products are separated and directed to the recycling process, while non-recyclables are collected for separate disposal.

Safe Storage: The products to be disposed of are stored safely without harming the environment and human health. In this process, appropriate safety precautions should be taken and dangerous substances should be controlled. Storage areas are designed to prevent waste from leaking into the environment.

Selection of Disposal Method: The method by which the products will be disposed of is determined depending on the type, volume and level of danger of the waste. Some common disposal methods include:

  • Thermal Disposal: It is the destruction of wastes by incineration at high temperature. This method can be used for energy recovery.
  • Mechanical Disposal: It is the destruction of products by physical shredding or crushing. This method is especially used for the destruction of materials such as metal, plastic or glass.
  • Chemical Disposal: It is the destruction of products by disintegration or dissolution using chemical processes. This method is especially used for the disposal of hazardous chemicals.
  • Biological Destruction: It is the destruction of organic wastes by decomposition or decomposition by microorganisms.
  • Disposal Process: According to the chosen method, the products are destroyed. The disposal process should be carried out in accordance with environmental standards and should not cause any pollution. It is also important that the wastes generated during the disposal process are managed appropriately.
  • Waste Management: After the completion of the disposal process, the resulting waste must be properly managed. While recyclable materials are recovered and included in the recycling process, the remaining waste must be disposed of safely.